New Feature available now!

2024-02-04|Categories: Blog|


Our video tutorials have a new feature! All of the video tutorials now come with English subtitles! This makes them even easier to follow!

Of course, if you wish you can activate/deactivate the subtitles function any time.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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Happy Holidays!

2023-12-18|Categories: Blog|


Still looking for a gift for your niece, nephew, grandchild or friend?

Get a gift subscription to lablife video tutorials for a loved one!

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What we offer?

2023-11-14|Categories: Blog|


How to translate Good Cell Culture Practice (GCCP) into day-to-day lab lives?

Unfortunately, we see a lack of knowledge about laboratory skills every day, some of which leave us speechless, and tragically, most of it happens unconsciously. International standards somehow have not yet permeated cell culture laboratory practices. There are multiple reasons for that, but we will talk about them another time. So, as we saw the urgent need, we produced 96 videos and training material covering essential skills of the cell culture lab. If you work, or plan to work in a cell culture lab, this […]


2023-09-30|Categories: Blog|

How it feels? Not sure how to describe it.
Excited beyond measure? Yes.
Terrified? A bit.
In joyful anticipation? Definitely!

We have been waiting for this forever. What seems like an eternity is because we couldn’t wait – couldn’t wait for this moment.


It has been a long and colourful journey – and finally we are about to take off.


Author: asban

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Almost there

2023-09-24|Categories: Blog|


Five years ago, it started with an idea, and it took five years of intense work to transform the idea into tangible reality.
Adelheid and I, two researchers working in the realm of cell biology, deal with anything and everything that is connected to day-to-day life in the laboratory. Formulating research questions, writing grants and publications, working with students and technicians, but also coordinating who will thaw the freezers, dump unlabelled tubes with mysterious substances into the trash – all these things are part of our life, our lab life.

Over the years, we realized that for people […]