Frequently asked questions

How many videos are there? How long are the videos?2023-06-15T18:53:39+02:00

Currently there are 96 videos, each of them between 2 min – 6 min.

How are the videos organized?2023-06-15T18:55:16+02:00

We have different clusters of topics. For example, for “Cell counting”, we have 5 videos.

Is there a certain chronological order the videos should be watched?2023-04-15T17:14:08+02:00

We provide a recommended order. Especially within the groups of topics (for example “Cell counting”), we recommend to stick to the order we provide. But nevertheless, you are of course free to watch the videos in any order that makes sense to you.

Is it possible to subscribe for only a part of the videos, instead of subscribing for all 96 videos?2023-07-08T17:41:35+02:00

We do not provide this option, simply because it will not help you at all. It would be the same to choose to only learn the alphabets from A to M and skip the rest. You would not be able to learn a language with that limited knowledge.

When is the best moment to sign up for your videos?2023-04-19T17:11:06+02:00

The best time point to sign up for our programme is right before you start to work in the cell culture lab. For those who already work in the cell culture lab, start whenever you feel it is right for you.

Why one, two or three month streaming?2023-04-15T17:16:38+02:00

We talked to many students, and the information we gathered showed us that 2 – 3 months seemed to be most appropriate. However, for those with an especially tight schedule or maybe a tight budget, we also decided to offer the 1 month option as well.

How are your YouTube videos different from the video tutorials on your website?2023-04-19T17:12:38+02:00

Our YouTube videos address issues in the cell culture lab and scientific practice in a more general manner. In contrast, the video tutorials on our website provide much more detailed information on practical skills, and cover much more actual “how-to” questions.

Is it possible to download the videos?2023-04-15T17:17:36+02:00

No, this is not possible.

I subscribed for “Intense”. Can I upgrade to “Motivated” or “Sustained”?2023-07-08T17:42:34+02:00

Upgrading to another course is currently not possible, but after expiraton of your course you can renew your subscription at your account dashboard/my subscriptions. Or you subscribe for any of the courses via  the pricing page.

What is your mission?2023-04-19T17:14:00+02:00

Cell culture technique, compared to lab techniques of other disciplines, such as chemistry or physics, is relatively young. At the same time, cell culture labs have popped up all over the world. However, the standardization of good practises lags behind quite a bit. Across the world, there are people and associations working for better reproducibility and standardization in cell culture labs, and we hope to contribute to this development with our video tutorials.

Who is your target group?2023-04-19T17:15:37+02:00

We believe that our videos can be beneficial to students at all levels, but in particular to those students who have medium-term or long-term assignments of working in the cell culture lab. This means, while they may help bachelor students, they will be especially interesting for master students and PhD candidates.

The video tutorials also address lab technicians and teaching personnel. Techniques and viewpoints have changed in recent years, and many of us have some unanswered questions regarding cell culture technique. In our videos, we also hope to address some topics that are new to you.

I have no experience with cell culture work. Are these videos for me?2023-09-24T16:10:44+02:00

Absolutely. In this case, you will have the opportunity to build up a solid ground for your career, and you will always feel comfortable regarding your cell culture skills, simply because you know that you have high standards.

I am experienced in the cell culture lab. Can I still benefit from your video tutorials?2023-04-15T17:11:28+02:00

Yes, you can. Even if you are very experienced, you may want to improve your skills; or you may not have a platform for discussion in your current situation; or, maybe, you feel that at some point it is too late to ask certain questions. In our opinion, it is never too late to ask questions. Any questions!

I teach cell culture technique. Can I benefit from your tutorials?2023-04-15T17:11:57+02:00

Yes, we think that you will find the content of our video tutorials interesting and inspiring for your teaching lessons. Even experienced persons can benefit from them, especially as cell culture techniques often lack consensus.

Are the videos suited for lecturing students?2023-04-15T17:12:26+02:00

Yes, the videos are perfectly suited for lectures. The students can watch them beforehand, and you can discuss them in the lecture. This should save you time, and at the same time prepare the students for their practical course.

Where do I find the exam?2023-09-24T16:48:08+02:00

For the exam (“Examination Cell Culture Technique”), you have to scroll down to the bottom of the “videos” page. Please note that you only have access to the exam in the last month of your subscription in case you choose to pay monthly. In case you choose to pay once, you already have access to the exam in the first month of your subscription.

How do I take the exam?2023-09-24T17:02:37+02:00

The exam is available in the last month of your subscription. The questions of this exam cover only topics that were discussed in the videos for Cell Culture Technique. Most of them are multiple-choice questions. Some are to be answered with true or false. There is a time limit of 20 minutes, and you will have to answer 20 questions.

Once you have submitted the exam, and passed at least 80 % of it, you can download your certificate on your account page (account/dashboard).

How do I get the certificate?2023-09-24T16:13:41+02:00

You need to sign up for our programme, and then take and pass the exam. Then you can download your certificate on your account page (account/dashboard).

What if I do not pass the exam? Can I do it again?2023-04-15T16:44:47+02:00

You can repeat the exam once.

If I buy a video course, do I also have access to the community?2023-08-27T10:29:53+02:00

Of course! If you subscribe to the 1, 2 or 3 month programme, you already automatically have access to the community. Once your subscription has expired, your access to the community expires as well. If you are then still interested to stay connected, please subscribe to our “Community”.

Why can I not access the forum anymore?2023-06-04T18:33:59+02:00

For the access to the forum and the community, you need to have an ongoing subscription to our video courses. After your subscription has expired, you do not have access to the community anymore. If you want to continue to be part of our community and stay connected to your network (which we hope!) you have to sign up for the community.

For the exam, do I have to learn the content of the PDFs (Learning Toolbox)?2023-08-27T10:25:45+02:00

No, for passing the exam, you need to know the content of the videos tutorials.

Is it possible to get bulk licences?2023-06-11T18:42:08+02:00

Sure! If you need more than one licence, just drop us an email. We provide special offers for bulk licences for any amount of users.

I need business licences, what should I do?2023-06-11T19:23:15+02:00

If you are a company and need licences for your employees, send us an email with your request. We have special offers for B2B relationships.

I did not receive the email with the activation link.2023-07-08T17:59:16+02:00

Please check your spam folder. Otherwise, please click on “Try again” (Did not receive the activation email? Try again.), which will appear on the login/register page.

What browsers can stream lablife videos?2023-09-24T16:26:59+02:00

The videos work with Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. If you use Firefox, make sure that “DRM content is enabled” (settings/general panel) and that the Google Widevine plugin is activated (menu/add-ons/plugins).

We love your videos, but do you also offer on-site trainings?2023-06-11T19:24:59+02:00

Certainly! Send us an email with your request. We will send you the requirements for different options for training camps in your lab.