FTI-Konferenz „Starke Forschung, starker Standort“ 💪💪💪

What are the current and future challenges for research, technology and innovation in Austria? 🇦🇹🔬🧬🔭✨🛸🇦🇹

Insightful interviews 🎤 and vivid panel discussions 💬💬💬 with distinguished representatives of research institutions 👩🏻‍🔬, industry 🏭, universities 🏦, funding agencies 💰💰💰 and the government 🏛️ at the RTI (Research, Technology and Innovation) conference „Starke Forschung, starker Standort“ organized by Austrian Federal Economic Chamber covered these topics, and even answered some of the questions.

In the closing remarks Harald Mahrer summarized the points that are necessary for excellent research and successful translation into innovation. Among others, these are the power of collaboration 🤝 and solid education 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 (yes!!!).

We agree. 😊

Author: lablife.video

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