The connotation of the ingenious scientist is dishevelled hair, messy behaviour and overall, an absent-minded demeanour 😵. Surprisingly, this image even exists among people working in research facilities. And in reverse, if you are a well-structured and organized person 📋🖋, you might give the impression that you didn’t quite make it 😔. You cannot be a genius and a well-structured planner at the same time, can you? ⁉

Ouch. Seriously. This hurts. 💥

Unfortunately (and luckily), science and research are not done with an ingenious scientific idea. You also need a hypothesis, and then you need an educated approach to prove 🔬 or falsify 🔍 the hypothesis. At the latest now, you will need a good plan 📐. Without a solid plan, the list of things that will go wrong is endless, resulting in a huge waste of energy, resources, plastic, time and effort.

As a scientist, apart from your education, you need to unite a number of seemingly contradictory qualities, such as curiosity, creativity, structure, discipline and an open mind. 😊

The daily life of a scientist is crammed with problem solving, organisation skills, dealing with team members, technical work, presentation and writing skills, and many more, all paired with an all-time flexibility, some abstract thinking in-between, and a high frustration threshold 😅.

Sounds impossible? It is not. If you are lucky, you will have the chance to grow slowly (or not so slowly) into this world (supervisors, give them a little time!). If you are even luckier, these qualities are also reflected in the composition of your team. 👍👍

In our opinion, the strongest team is one of diversified qualities. Even better, if diversity is not just limited to skills, but also extended to the scientific approach. Different scientists have different approaches to solve a problem and this is exactly what we need to solve the current problems of our planet. 🌍💙

So, we say, the best (and possibly the happiest) scientist is the one who is a spontaneous genius 🤪 and a petty planner 👔 working in a team full of spontaneous genii and petty planners.🤪👔🤪👔👔🤪

What type or scientist are you?


Author: asban

#science #research #diversity #team