Keynote lectures, panel discussions, networking, ice cream🧁 and lots of fun🀸🏻!
You want more?
Then visit the WKO Advantage Austria Exporttag.

We had highly inspiring encounters with business delegates, whose enthusiastic and encouraging responses made us jump with excitement. The horizons are getting wider and wider! πŸŒŽπŸ€—πŸŒ

It is reassuring to hear Michael Otter and Harald Mahrer emphasize the importance of collaboration β€œWe are in this together!β€πŸ€. You said it before, but please say it again. For us, this is probably the most important message that the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA conveys.πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

➑️ We spent the day listening to entrepreneurs with decades of experience
➑️ we were presented the importance of diversity in graphs and numbers πŸ“ˆ
➑️ we got confirmation of the importance of respecting and learning about other cultures
➑️ we shook hands, or rather paws, with a robotic dog 🐾
➑️ and we got to know other people’s visions and projects πŸ›Έ

And just when we thought, what a fantastic day, that couldn’t be topped, we took the elevator to the 12th floor of the WKO building for our last item on the agenda.✨✨✨

We were wrong. It could be topped (although it is impossible to draw a comparison).

The elevator doors opened to a cool and sunny lounge with breathtaking views of Vienna. We were welcomed with sparkling refreshments ✨✨ to the Woman in Business Circle (Frau in der Wirtschaft)
The warmest welcome you can imagine from the most inspiring women you have ever seen.πŸ’«
The message at the panel discussion was clear and concise β€œStrong women empower women!” as Martha Schultz put into words. YES.

Thank you, ladies from the Woman in Business Circle (Mariana KΓΌhnel Martha Schultz Gudrun Hager, Bernadette Hawel Imma Baumgartner, Karin Binder and Elwira Burdzy Michaela Radl and Theresa Wilkinson and many more) and thank you ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA for this extraordinary experience!

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